About Us

Our Culture


“Our vision at M2Enviro is to be disruptive and shake the foundations through sustainable packaging innovation by producing high-quality mycelium materials that serve as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. We envision a world where our products are widely adopted by businesses and consumers alike, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.”


“At M2Enviro, our mission is to provide sustainable and biodegradable mycelium materials that replace harmful plastics. We are committed to creating environmentally friendly packaging solutions that reduce waste and promote a healthier planet for future generations.”

Meet Our Team

Aidan Price

Head of M2Enviro

Aidan achieved his BSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in 2020 and finished with an Honour’s degree in Genetics from Stellenbosch University. He worked as a technical research assistant at Stellenbosch University where his research focused on conservation work for the genetic identification of shark and ray products in trade while also performing population genetics assessments of such threatened species in the Indian Ocean. He is passionate about conservation and sustainability and is an integral part of the movement toward a more environmentally friendly economy through his work at M2Enviro.

Stephanus Louwskieter

Eco-Friendly Consultant

Stephanus Louwskieter is an ambitious and environmentally conscious individual. He is a soft-spoken person with a go-getter attitude that loves taking on new challenges. He was raised on a farm that practiced sustainable farming with livestock and vegetable gardens. Stephanus completed a three-year engineering course at West Coast College Atlantis in Cape Town. He joins M2Enviro to assist in the application of environmentally friendly practices across the board while doing research into the hemp bioplastics industry.